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Hirtshals Lighthouse

Local name: Hirtshals Fyr

The lighthouse was opened in 1863 during the reign of King Frederick VII, whose monogram can be seen above the entrance door. It was built in the classical style. It stands on a 22-meter cliff and is 35 m high, thanks to which its light is at an altitude of 57 m above sea level

On selected days in summer, the lighthouse can be visited with a guide. In the middle there is a small exhibition and cafe, and at the very top there is a viewpoint. There are 144 steps leading to the balcony. The lighthouse is connected to two smaller buildings. One was for the lighthouse keeper and first assistant and the other for the other two workers.

There is a legend related to the lighthouse about a demonic predatory bird that lives on a cliff next to the lighthouse. He was said to have persecuted the first lighthouse keeper so much that the man committed suicide only 19 after living in the lighthouse.


Attractions inside

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