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Langelands Fort

Local name: Langelandsfort

The fort was built in 1953 and was used until 1993. It now houses a museum dedicated to the Cold War. Permanent exhibitions present various aspects of the history of Denmark and Europe during the Cold War period, including stories of Danish spies operating in in Poland.

The fort was equipped with four 150 mm guns, anti-aircraft positions and underground bunkers. One of the former shooting positions is open to the public. Among the exhibits collected here are, among others copies of the Blücher orders, a military decoration established in the GDR, but never awarded to any soldier.

In the immediate vicinity of the fort, there are two ships serving in the Danish fleet until 2004. These are: ASKØ trailer from 1941 and the SPRINGEREN submarine from 1965. You can also see two planes - Polish MIG 23 and Saab Draken.


Attractions inside

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    Vognsbjergvej 4B5935 Bagenkop , Denmark