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Marstal Maritime Museum

Local name: Marstal Søfartsmuseum

The museum is housed in 5 buildings with 37 exhibition rooms and is dedicated to the maritime history of Denmark from the 17th century to the present day. Extensive collections include 200 models of ships, over 130 rafadines, i.e. ships in closed bottles, several hundred paintings devoted to the subject of sailing and elements of ship equipment.

In addition, you can see collections of historical costumes, earthenware and paintings, including works by Carl Rasmussen. The museum also houses the archive of regional history, in which documents, a collection of photographs and marine literature are stored, available for borrowing in the reading room.

In the museum courtyard, there is a themed playground for children in a marine climate. There are also several tables where you can sit and eat your own lunch.


Attractions inside

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    Prinsensgade 15960 Marstal , Denmark