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Southern Denmark occupies the southern part of the Jutland Peninsula and the island of Fyn. Her largest city is Odense, where Hans Christian Andersen was born, and the largest tourist attraction Legoland near Billund.

Odense is the largest city in Southern Denmark, although the headquarters are in Vejle. Odense is mainly known for its connections with Hans Christian Andersen. His museum operates here, in the house where he lived, and in the Folk Museum of Fyn Den Fynske Landsby, children can play the role of his fairy tale.

Odense, located on Funen is also a place associated with the history of Denmark. There is the Gothic cathedral of St. Kanuta, one of the oldest in the country. Around 250 km of cycling routes have been marked out in the picturesque, undulating landscape. In turn, the island's coasts have over 1,000 km of sandy beaches.

The oldest city in the region and also one of the oldest in the country is Ribe, where the first Christian temple in Denmark stood. You can see the 16th century old town with narrow streets and the Viking Museum.

However, the biggest attraction of the region is Legoland - an amusement park associated with the most famous blocks in the world. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit it every year, and an airport has been opened in Billund to serve those arriving at the park.

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