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Terrariet Vissenbjerg

Local name: Terrariet Vissenbjerg

The terrarium is famous for the largest collection of reptiles, amphibians, scorpions, spiders and insects in Scandinavia. In total, representatives of 50 different species can be seen here. The animals live here in specially adapted terrariums imitating the conditions as close to natural as possible.

Among the animals living in the terrarium are, among others King cobras, Gabonese vipers, chameleons and the largest snakes in the world, i.e. anacondas and pythons. Here you can see several species of turtles and lizards, including the poisonous Arizona Heloderma. Filipino crocodiles, komodo dragons and colorful iguanas and iguanas also attract attention. Amphibians mainly represent different species of frogs. You can also see scorpions and two species of tarantula spiders.

Right next to the terrarium there is a children's playground with swings, a slide and a climbing tower. A child can also become a guardian of animals for one day, and his duties include watering the rainforest and participating in feeding.


Attractions inside

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    Kirkehelle 55492 Vissenbjerg , Denmark