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Ribe Vikinge Center

Local name: Ribe VikingeCenter

The center is dedicated to the history and culture of the Vikings. It houses a reconstruction of medieval Ribe from 710 to 980. There are workshops of craftsmen, including blacksmiths, falconers and carpenters, as well as houses and farms. This allows you to get to know and see closely the living conditions in the Viking settlement at that time.

The most interesting places in the center include the decorated Thing Hall, the wooden church and the harbor where merchant boats are moored. It is also worth going to the wolf's hut, i.e. the then bard or witch.

During your visit to the center, you can take part in demonstrations and workshops of traditional crafts. Archery and hand-to-hand combat training is organized here. You can join the housewives baking flatbreads or join people playing traditional medieval games and fun.


Attractions inside

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    Lustrupvej 46760 Ribe , Denmark