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Wadden Sea Center

Local name: Vadehavscentret

The center is dedicated to promoting knowledge about the Watershed Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and coastal marshes and wetlands. The center has exhibition spaces, a cafe, a souvenir shop and a small cinema room.

Permanent exhibitions include local fauna and flora. Two rooms are entirely dedicated to the presentation of sea and migratory birds. Here you can watch videos, interactive games as well as works of art and art installations. In the next room, you can see an interactive installation explaining the tides in the Wadden Sea region and their impact on the environment. There are also exhibitions dedicated to the peoples who lived by the Wadden Sea over the centuries. In the last room, it is worth paying attention to the glass graphics with video projections showing the flight of birds

The center organizes guided tours around the area, including cruises on the sea and to the neighboring island of Mandø.


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