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Ribe Cathedral

Local name: Ribe Domkirke

The historic cathedral is the best-preserved Romanesque temple in Denmark and the oldest church in the country. It was built in the years 1150-1250. It has three naves and external chapels adjoin it on each side. It is 61.5 m long and 33.5 m wide in total.

The three towers that differ in size, style and shape attract attention. The highest one is a 53-meter defensive tower built in 1283 on a square plan. In the place of the spire that fell off in the 16th century, a balustrade was built, and the tower itself serves as a viewing point. The second is the Romanesque St. Mary's Tower, and the third, the smallest one, is the bell located at the intersection of the naves.

Inside the cathedral, it is worth seeing the historic main altar, the pulpit and the bronze baptismal font. A model of the ship can be seen under the vault.


Attractions inside

    Ribe Cathedral map
    Torvet 6760 Ribe , Denmark