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Valdemars Castle

Local name: Valdemars Slot

The historic mansion was built on the island of Tåsinge between 1639–1644. Initially, it represented the Baroque style, but later it was rebuilt in the Neo-Renaissance style. It is a private residence owned by the Juel family, but can be visited from late spring to early fall.

During a visit to the manor, you can see the richly decorated interiors - living rooms, corridors and bedrooms. Valuable tapestries and French wallpapers hang on the 5.5 m high walls. It is also worth paying attention to decorative stucco and works of art. There is also a collection of game trophies. Some of the rooms are dedicated to the toy museum and the local maritime museum.

The residence is surrounded by wide lawns and a picturesque landscape park. It has a lake where ducks, geese and swans often appear.


Attractions inside

Valdemars Castle map
Slotsalleen 1005700 Svendborg , Denmark