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Givskud Zoo Zootopia

Local name: Givskud Zoo Zootopia

The zoo and safari park were founded in 1969 as a lion park. Currently, it is home to over 700 animals representing about 70 different species. You can drive a car through some of the paddocks and see the animals up close. The animals living in the zoo include gorillas, elephants, rhinoceros and a large herd of lions, numbering 45 in 2012.

In the zoo, you can also see enclosures for several species of monkeys, camels, alpacas, reindeer and sloths. Many birds live here, both exotic and native. It is worth paying attention to colorful parrots, emerald guinea fowl and ostriches. Seals and penguins represent the inhabitants of the cold regions. In turn, in the terrarium you can see turtles, snakes and geckos.

The zoo has a restaurant, café, ice cream parlor and several smaller eateries. The zoo also offers an evening guided tour of the garden and an “overnight stay in the savannah”.


Attractions inside

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    Løveparkvej 37323 Give , Denmark