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Egeskov Castle

Local name: Egeskov Slot

The historic late gothic castle is located on the south shore of Funen. It was built in 1554 on a foundation of oak piles on a small lake not exceeding 5 meters deep. It is the best preserved water castle in Europe. In the past, it was only accessible via a drawbridge.

The castle consists of two longitudinal buildings connected by a wall, over 1 m thick. There are also secret stairs and a well in the wall. The interiors of the castle are kept in the Renaissance style. During the tour, pay attention to the collection of oil paintings.

The buildings adjacent to the castle house the Agricultural Museum and an extensive collection of vintage cars, motorbikes, airplanes and helicopters. There is also the Falck collection, which is a collection of rescue vehicles from the Danish company Falck. They include fire trucks, ambulances and rescue boats.


Attractions inside

Egeskov Castle map
Egeskov Gade 185772 Kværndrup , Denmark