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Faaborg Museum

Local name: Faaborg Museum

The collection of the Faaborg Museum houses an extensive collection of works of art - paintings, sculptures, architecture and antique furniture. Most of the collected works were created in the years 1885-1925 and are by artists from Funen. Here you can see, among others works by Peter Hansen, Fritz Siberg, Johannes Larsen and Kai Nielsenem.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, there are regular thematic special exhibitions devoted to contemporary art or design. There is a small cafe here, and in summer there is also a picturesque garden open to the public.

The Faaborg Museum was founded in 1910 on the initiative of the Danish entrepreneur Mads Rasmussen. It was originally housed in Rasmussen's summer apartment, but as the collection grew in 1915, it was moved to a separate building, designed specifically for this purpose by Carl Petersen.


Attractions inside

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    Grønnegade 755600 Faaborg , Denmark