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Bagenkop is a small port town on the island of Langeland. In its vicinity there are moors and fragments of the cliff coast. There is also an archaeological site with tombs from the Neolithic period.

The town is the southernmost center on the island. There is an important tourist harbor Bagenkop here, where many tourist boats and yachts dock in the summer. The scenic cliffs of Dovns Klint are a popular place for walks, and many tourists are also attracted by the farm with wild horses that can be viewed in their natural habitat.

The Neolithic Hulbjerg Cemetery was discovered near Bagenkop. There are chamber tombs from 5,000 years ago. An interesting place and one of the main attractions of Bagenkop is also Fort Langelands, a bunker from the mid-twentieth century, preserved with complete equipment. The history of the area and the past activities of its inhabitants are presented in the Fisherman's House museum, and beautiful views can be admired from the Keldsnor Lighthouse.

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