number 2 in the city


Local name: Pikkerbakken

The hill rises 71 m above sea level and is part of a coastal slope that stretches for 3 km. At its top there is a modern viewing platform in the form of a glass terrace. It offers a picturesque view of the city, the port and Hirsholmene, in good weather you can also see the island of Læsø.

Next to the platform there is a commemorative stone known as Kongestenen, carved with the signatures of the Danish kings - Frederick VIII and Frederick IX. A bit further there is a complex of post-German bunkers, now transformed into the Naval Museum and open to the public. Formerly, there was also an optical telegraph station, connected to the telegraph stations at Fladstrand Church, Fladstrand Fortress and Hirsholmene.

You can reach the top of the hill by car or bike. A winding forest road leads to it. You can also leave the car in the parking lot at the foot of the hill and walk this route.


Attractions inside

    Pikkerbakken map
    Dronningestien 9900 Frederikshavn , Denmark