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Randers Regnskov

Local name: Randers Regnskov

The tropical zoo is housed in three huge domes dedicated to three continents: Asia, Africa and South America. There is also a large marine aquarium and terrariums in which various reptiles are kept, mainly snakes. In total, animals representing about 275 species live in the zoo, of which 200 are found in domes and the rest in the aquarium.

The living conditions in tropical forests are quite faithfully reproduced in the area of the domes. The paths are led on three levels, so that visitors can see both the climate of the jungle floor and tree tops. During the visit, you can see, among others anta tapirs, gibbons, komodo dragons and colorful birds. They are not kept on separate enclosures, but live freely within each of the domes.

The biggest attractions are the Cave of the Luminous Skulls, the rope bridge and the Asian Temple resembling the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia.


Attractions inside

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    Tørvebryggen 118900 Randers , Denmark