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The Øresund Aquarium

Local name: Øresundsakvariet

The Øresund Aquarium is part of the University of Copenhagen. It was built in Helsingør, located just above the Øresund Strait. It has several different types of aquariums. In 15 biotype reservoirs, you can see the inhabitants of the shallow waters of the strait and the seabed around the Danish coast.

The smaller theme aquariums are inhabited by a wide variety of marine animals, both from the North Sea area and more exotic landscapes. There is a large partially open reservoir at the entrance where you can dip your hands in and touch the fish, crabs and starfish swimming in it. This attraction is directed especially to children.

In addition to traditional sightseeing, you can take part in demonstration feeding of selected fish and squid. The aquarium also organizes snorkeling trips and cruises where you can see the porpoises up close.


Attractions inside

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    Strandpromenaden 53000 Helsingør , Denmark