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Helsingør is a town on the Øresund Strait connected by a ferry to the Swedish city of Helsingborg. It is known primarily for the UNESCO-listed Kronborg Castle, also known as Hamlet Castle.

The city was founded in the 13th century as an important port on the Øresund Strait and as a place for trade fairs. Its dynamic development began after the construction of Kronborg Castle in the 14th century. Today it is the most important attraction of Helsingør. Standing on a promontory over the strait, the stronghold became the setting for William Shakespeare's most famous drama, Hamlet.

However, the castle is not the only sight in Helsingør that is worth seeing. In the center, a lot of late-gothic and renaissance buildings have been preserved, which form a compact architectural complex. Colorful tenement houses and low houses with floral windows stand in the narrow, cobbled streets. The cathedral of St. Olaf, the construction of which began in the 13th century.

Helsingør also boasts some interesting museums. The most important of these is the M / S Maritime Museum with a large collection of ship models and collections on the history of Danish shipping and maritime trade. There is also the Danish Technical Museum and the Karen Blixen Museum, the author of the novel Farewell to Africa.

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