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Round Tower

Local name: Rundetaarn

The historic, 17th-century one is the oldest working observatory in Europe. Currently, it also serves as an exhibition and concert space. It hosts art, culture, history and science exhibitions. Every year, about one hundred concerts are held. Much of the Old Town can be seen from the viewing platform at the top of the building.

The tower is 36 meters high, but there are no stairs. Instead, there is a spiral ramp that measures 210 meters in length and circles the main core of the building 7.5 times. It was built to allow the transport of heavy instruments to the observatory and books to the library by horse-drawn carriages.

Every spring, a motorcycle race is organized in the tower. Competitors must ascend and descend the tower as quickly as possible. In 1988, a world record of 1 minute k and 48.7 seconds was set.


Attractions inside

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