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Botanical Garden

Local name: Botanisk Have

The botanical garden is part of the Danish Natural History Museum. It was established in 1600, and it was moved to its present location in 1870. It houses the largest collection of plants in the country, including over 13,000 species.

The garden is divided into thematic sections, including: Danish plants (600 species), annual plants (1100 species), perennials (1100 species), the rhododendron garden and European rock gardens. The oldest tree growing in the garden is the marsh cypress planted here in 1806. It is worth mentioning that it was moved from its previous location and was already 60 years old at that time.

There is a complex of 27 greenhouses in the garden. They include an orangery from 1874, where you can see a palm tree from 1824, and a collection of cycads. An interesting fact is the air-conditioned greenhouse for arctic plants.

Botanical Garden map
Gothersgade 1281123 Copenhagen , Denmark