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Ørsted Park

Local name: Ørstedsparken

The picturesque park was established in the 1870s on the site of the former city fortifications. Among the green alleys there are two playgrounds, including one guarded, and a barbecue area. In summer, open-air concerts and other cultural events are regularly organized in the park.

The elongated lake was established on fragments of an old moat. It is approx. 4 m deep. It is connected by an underground tunnel to Lake Peblinge Sø. A wrought-iron bridge, built in 1873, runs through the reservoir. On the lake shore there is a pavilion with a cafe.

There are numerous works of art in the park. The highlight is a monument dedicated to the Danish physicist and chemist, Hans Christian Ørsted. In addition, monuments to Natalie Zahle, Bertel Thorvaldsen and Anders Sandøe Ørsted can be seen here. There is also a series of sculptures donated by the Albertina Foundation.


Attractions inside

    Ørsted Park map
    Nørre Voldgade 11358 Copenhagen , Denmark