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Botanical Garden - The Palm House

Local name: Botanisk Have - Palmehuset

Located inside: Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is part of the Natural History Museum, founded in 2004 at the University of Copenhagen. It has over 23,000 plants divided into thematic sections. They include, among others native Danish flora, spruce hills, mountain species, wild perennials and the Asian section with plants native to China and other East Asian countries.

There are 27 greenhouses in the gardens. In the Palm House, you can see exotic plants from various tropical and subtropical environments, including huge palm trees and insectivorous plants. Water plants and mangroves, Mediterranean plants, cacti and succulents, as well as species from warm subtropics grow in successive greenhouses. It is also worth going to the Butterfly House, where you can see these beautiful, colorful insects throughout the summer.


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