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Stenvad Mosebrug Center

Local name: Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

The Stenvad Mosebrug Center is located on the site of a former production hall built on a peat bog. There is an interactive museum devoted to the history of peat mining. You can see there, among others original tools and machines, as well as a 7-meter tapestry depicting the history of the Ørum peat bog, made by local artists.

At one of the exhibitions, you can see a model of houses in which the workers of the peat bog used to live. One of the attractions in the center is also a ride on the original narrow-gauge railway, built to transport peat from the extraction site to the factory. The currently used route is 2.5 km long, and the round trip takes approximately 45 minutes. The wagons can accommodate 72 passengers at the same time.

There is a themed playground for children in the center. The youngest can also take part in a treasure hunt with a metal detector, go on a mini-train ride or watch the animals at the mini-zoo.


Attractions inside

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    Stendyssevej 148586 Ørum , Denmark