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Rosenholm Castle

Local name: Rosenholm Slot

The history of the castle dates back to the 16th century, and its construction lasted in stages from 1559 to 1610. From its inception to the present day, it belongs to the noble family Rosenkrantz and is the oldest family castle in Denmark. It is also one of the best-preserved court complexes from the Danish Golden Age.

The building complex was built on three islands separated by a system of moats and bridges. The first is the main building consisting of four wings surrounding a trapezoidal courtyard. On the second island, there are stables and a garden pavilion, and on the third, farm buildings where animals such as cattle and pigs were kept.

The castle is open to visitors in the summer season. During your visit, you can visit the restored interiors decorated in a decorative baroque style. It is also worth taking a walk in the picturesque baroque garden.


Attractions inside

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    Rosenholmvej 1198543 Hornslet , Denmark