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Ree Park Safari

Local name: Ree Park Safari

The safari park is home to over 800 animals representing 80 different species from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The runs are not broken down by animal species, but by geographic area, and it is often possible to see a variety of animals in the same space that also inhabit the same habitat in the wild.

According to the above rules, black bears and arctic wolves share the same area of the American prairie, and on Monkey Island you can meet, among others, squirrel sajmiri and several species of lemurs. The created enclosures are modeled on the natural environment, e.g. in the bear enclosure there are tall trees and several lakes, and the cheetah enclosure is extended to a vast, hilly savanna with rocks.

In addition, live here, among others elephants, rhinoceros, lions, tigers, bison, antelopes and wild dogs. There are several cozy cabins in the park where you can buy an overnight stay.


Attractions inside

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    Stubbe Søvej 158400 Ebeltoft , Denmark