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Church of Our Savior Tower

Local name: Vor Frelsers Kirke tårn

Located inside: Church of Our Saviour

The monumental church tower is 90 meters high. It was built on a square plan in 1752. It has three floors, separated from each other by stone cornices, the lowest one being embedded in the facade of the temple. At its top there are four gilded clocks.

The top storey has a characteristic, spiral form. On its top there is a viewpoint from which you can admire the panorama of the entire city. There are 400 steps leading to it, of which the last 150 steps are outside the tower. For this reason, climbing them can be a real challenge for people with fear of heights.

At the very top of the tower there is a huge gilded globe with a 4-meter tall statue of Christ the Savior. It was made in 1750 by Jacob Høvinghof


Attractions inside

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