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Eastern Park

Local name: Østre Anlæg Park

The park was established on a hilly terrain where there used to be medieval walls and a moat surrounding the city. The remains of the walls and bastions added later can still be seen in many parts of the park. It is designed in a romantic style, imitating the most natural scenery with three lakes and extensive lawns.

There are two playgrounds for children in the park and a toboggan run on one of the slopes. There are also several monuments, including the monumental Monument to Denmark by Louis Hasselriism from 1897, the monument to composer Niels W. Gade from 1920, and the relatively young monument to the Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko from 2010.

In summer, concerts and other cultural events are regularly organized in the south-west of the park.


Attractions inside

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