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Our Lady Church

Local name: Vor Frue Kirke

The neoclassical church was built in 1829 according to the design of the Danish architect Christian Frederik Hansen. It is 83 m long and 33 m wide, and the nave is 25 m high. The entire temple can accommodate over 1,100 people at the same time. The church tower is 60 meters high and houses 4 bells, including the Stormklokken, the largest bell in Denmark, weighing 4 tons.

Inside the church, it is worth paying attention to the main altar and the pulpit. There are also figures of the 12 apostles, each adorned by one pillar of the nave, as well as a marble baptismal font in the shape of an angel holding a large seashell.

The first church was built in this place in the 12th century. Two hundred years later it was destroyed by fire and then rebuilt in the Gothic style. Once again, the temple was destroyed in the 16th century, and then in the 18th century, when it was consumed by a fire that lasted 4 days.


Attractions inside

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    Nørregade 81165 Copenhagen , Denmark