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Grundtvigs Church

Local name: Grundtvigs Kirke

The monumental church stands out from other Copenhagen churches with its unique expressionist architecture, inspired by the traditional Danish style.

The church is 76 m long, 35 m wide and 49 m high. Its façade is built from over 6 million yellow bricks, considered traditional Danish material. Its appearance evokes associations with church organs. Contrasting with the simplicity of the façade is the spacious, gothic interior, inspired by the appearance of the Copenhagen cathedral. The temple can simultaneously accommodate approximately 1,440 people.

The church stands in the center of a housing estate, built at the same time and with the same material as the temple. It was designed by the same architect, Jensen-Klint, to blend in harmoniously with the church building and emphasize its original appearance.


Attractions inside

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    På Bjerget 14B2400 Copenhagen , Denmark