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Geological Museum

Local name: Geologisk Museum

The Geological Museum is located in the northeastern part of the university's botanical garden. The collections include extensive collections of minerals, fossils and meteorites. Permanent exhibitions include the world of minerals and precious stones, the process of the formation of an earthquake and its effects or properties of various rocks.

One of the most interesting exhibits is the Agpalilik meteorite, which is part of the Cape York meteorite. It weighs 20 tons and lies just in front of the entrance to the museum building. Also worth seeing is a small rock from the Taurus-Littrow region on the moon, brought by astronauts from the Apollo 17 mission, which took place in 1972.

On the south steps leading to the museum is a colorful mural inspired by geology. Its author is a Danish artist who is also a geology graduate, Per Kirkeby.


Attractions inside

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    Øster Voldgade 5 - 71350 Copenhagen , Denmark