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Mosede Fort

Local name: Mosede Fort

The historic seaside fort houses a museum dedicated to the First World War. It consists of a main bunker, 3 smaller bunkers, 4 bomb shelters, an observation station, artillery positions and casemates. The latter houses the former officer's quarters, barracks, headquarters and ammunition depots - they have been restored and can be visited.

The fort was built in 1913-1916 to protect Køge Bay from possible attack by German ships. During the war it functioned as a coastal battery and was fully manned until 1922. In the interwar period it was used for exercises, and during the German occupation it was used as an observation point and a POW camp. After the end of the war, until the 1970s it was again used for exercise. In 2014, on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, a museum was opened there.


Attractions inside

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    Mosede Strandvej 87A2670 Greve , Denmark