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Søndermarken Park

Local name: Søndermarken

The picturesque park was established in the vicinity of Frederiksberg Castle in the 1730s. It has extensive lawns and avenues lined with tall trees. There are 3 underground cisterns here, which used to supply the inhabitants of the city with drinking water. Currently, they house a museum of modern art.

In the park, you can also see the Memorial Mound, built in 1925. It was built on the initiative of Danish immigrants living in the United States. The mound is 5 meters high and 8 meters in diameter. Inside there is a room with a statue of a woman hugging children. It symbolizes Mother Denmark. There are 9 bas-reliefs with scenes from the lives of emigrants on the walls.

Every summer, a music festival with family picnics takes place in the park. It was held for the first time in 2013.


Attractions inside

    Søndermarken Park map
    Pile Allé 552000 Frederiksberg , Denmark