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Porto is Portugal's second largest city. Picturesquely located on the River Duero, it has a picturesque, picturesque Old Town inscribed on the UNESCO list and the fame of a producer of fortified port wine.

Porto is crossed by the Duero River flowing in a deep canyon. In its upper reaches is the most famous wine region of Portugal, Alto Douro, and the city is often the starting point to explore it. The cultural landscape of this mountainous land has been inscribed on the UNESCO list. In turn, at the mouth of the river to the sea there are sandy beaches that are valued by holidaymakers and surfers.

The Old Town of Porto is centered around the river and the Louis I Bridge crossing it, a massive metal structure that rises above the canyon at which the Duero flows. On the north bank there is a tangle of narrow streets rising towards the cathedral of Se. Many of the town houses and churches have facades lined with azulejos tiles. Particularly on churches, huge images were created. In this part of the city there is also the famous Lello bookstore, whose interior inspired JK Rowling to create a description of Hogwarts.

On the other side of the Duero, shortly there are characteristic, colorful barges used in the past to carry wine, and today the former harbor district is for tourist rides. Warehouses and wholesalers selling wine from the Douro region are still operating here. Restaurants and wineries have been opened near many of them, which operate until late at night.

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