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Sanctuary of Santa Luzia

Local name: Santuário de Santa Luzia

The Sanctuary of Santuário de Santa Luzia is located on the top of a hill in the Viana do Castelo area of Portugal. It is also known as Sagrado Coração de Jesus em Santa Luzia. In the church you can admire the view of the dome depicting the landscape of the region, stained glass windows by Ricardo Leone, frescoes created by Manuel Pereir da Silva, altars of the works of Leopold de Almeida, Emídio Lima and Albin Lima, as well as a bronze sculpture depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Aleixo Queirós Ribeiro .

The sanctuary was established in 1904-1959 on the initiative of Captain Luís de Andrade e Sousa. António Adelino de Magalhães Moutinho supervised the construction works. The church is dedicated to the patron of sight - Saint Luzia. Earlier there was a small chapel and a hermitage in this place.


Attractions inside

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    4900 Viana do Castelo , Portugal