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Palace of Bolsa

Local name: Palácio da Bolsa

Palácio da Bolsa is a neoclassical building inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Located in the historic city center, the palace has been classified as a Public Good since 1982.

Inside the palace there are allegorical paintings of José Maria Veloso Salgado and João Marques de Oliveira, sculptures by Teixeira Lopes and many other works of art. Noteworthy is the Court's Saka, Assembly Hall, Gold Hall. The main attraction is the Arab Hall, which was built in 1862-1880 by Gonçalves e Sousa. The room is decorated in an exotic Moorish style, fashionable in the nineteenth century, and serves as a reception for celebrities and heads of state visiting Porto.

The palace was built from the nineteenth century on behalf of the municipal Trade Association. It was designed by the architect Joaquima da Costa Lima Junior. Construction of the palace began in 1942 and ended in 1850. The interior design was completed in 1910.


Attractions inside

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