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Gdańsk is the largest city of northern Poland and the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It has been developing since the Middle Ages as an important port and center of trade. The Main Town, rich in monuments and symbolized by the Neptune Fountain and the Artus Court, has survived to this day. At the beginning of the 21st century, the city gained two interesting museums, one dedicated to Solidarity and the other to World War II.

Since its founding, Gdańsk has been the subject of a continuous Polish-German dispute. Located on the Gdańsk Bay, the city shielded from the winds has always been an important commercial and military port. During the Middle Ages and the early modern era, it belonged to the Hanseatic League and flourished thanks to the trade of grain, floated down the Vistula River. At that time, the impressive buildings of the Main Town with the Długi Targ Street, the town hall, city gates, the port crane and the huge St. Mary's Basilica, which today offers the most beautiful view of the historical center, was created.

Gdańsk is a city that has been on the front pages of newspapers several times in its history. One of these events was the outbreak of World War II, which began with the German shelling of the Cape Westerplatte. In this place you can see today a monument dedicated to these events and Polish fortifications from 1939. The modern World War II Museum reminds of the entire history of World War II and its significance. In recent years, the European Solidarity Center has been opened. The Center keeps memories about the largest social movement in socialist countries after the World War II - Independent Self-governing Trade Union ""Solidarity"", founded in Gdańsk Shipyard.

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