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Orłowo Cliff

Local name: Klif Orłowski

The Orłowski Cliff, also known as the cliff in Redłowo or Orla Głowa (Eagle's Head), is one of the most beautiful natural attractions at the Gdynia coast. It stretches over a length of 650 m and at its base is situated a coastal pedestrian boulevard leading from Gdynia to Sopot.

The cliff made of glacial till, which is the shore of Kępa Redłowska nature reserve, is divided into a dead part, covered with vegetation and safe for exploration, and active, constantly exposed to the sea waves which undercut the shore destroying it.

Within the Orłowski cliff there is a abundant and interesting coastal vegetation, among which rare and protected species can be found, e.g. common sea buckthorn.

From the cliff there is a view of the sandy beach, Mierzeja Helska, and the harbour of Gdynia.


Attractions inside

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