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Malbork Castle

Local name: Zamek w Malborku

The Malbork Castle is the largest castle in terms of surface area in the world. It was considered Historic Monument and was entered in UNESCO World Heritage List. The castle was built gradually since 1280 to the first half of the 15th century. It was constructed by the Teutonic Order and was used as the headquarters of its grandmasters and the capital city of the State of the Teutonic Order. Later, it became the residence of the Polish kings.


Walls of the castle and the city of Malbork were made into one big defense system. The entire construction consists of the High Castle with courtyard, the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Klesza and Wróbla towers; the Middle castle with the chapel of Saint Bartholomew, the Great Commandry, the Infirmary, the Grandmaster's Palace, the Summer Refectory, the Winter Refectory and Hen's Leg tower; the Lower Castle with the conference center 'Karwan', the chapel of Saint Lawrence and utility rooms.



The castle's museum consists of 23 collections related to the art, handicraft, architecture and history. The most interesting collections are amber crafts, militaria, numismatics and sculptures. The museum also operates as an artistic and didactic institution, it organizes music events and outdoor historical spectacles. One visit with a guide takes about 3 hours and includes the High and Middle Castles and the Grandmaster's Palace. Five hours is required for the whole tour.



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