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Dino Park Malbork

Local name: Dino Park Malbork

It is an amusement park with many attractions. You can find here mainly reconstructions of prehistoric animals - 40 movable realistic-looking dinosaurs located in the greenery of the forest. Other attractions are the fossil museum and 5D cinema. By visiting Dinosaur Park, tourists have the chance to learn about the various stages of the evolution of our planet.

The Museum of Fossils contains exhibits from hundreds of millions of years ago - animal remains and traces of their activity in the rocks. There you can find out how the dinosaurs went extinct and what influenced it. In turn, 5D Cinema, thanks to audio-video effects, combined with a modern cinema hall will make viewers receive the film with all their senses and be able to feel active participants in the events.

Waiting for the youngest children include Mini Zoo, where you can see mouflons, alpacas or peacocks and the Playground, where children will be able to ride a moving dinosaur, play on the playground, or swim on the water with a pontoon.


Attractions inside

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