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Vistula River Museum

Local name: Muzeum Wisły

The largest museum in Poland devoted to the history of the river. At the permanent exhibition "Vistula in Poland's history", authentic boats from the 19th and early 20th centuries are presented, numerous models of watercraft, port facilities, fishing and sailing tools, excavations. The largest exhibit is over 10 meters high - a 20-th century cargo and passenger boat.

The history of the Vistula is supported by numerous media. Thanks to them, it is possible to play the role of a skipper and personal planning of the course of the raft, learning the jargon of the rafters or learning about the history of the flood. It is worth to pay attention to interactive presentations "look and see", eg a wooden chest with the words "Open, and you will find out what the raisers eat".

The screenplay is based on a 16th-century poem "Flis is ..." by Fabian Sebastian Klonowic. It is one of the most important sources written about the so-called. The golden age of the Vistula River (16th-18th centuries) - the time when the Polish grain was transported to the markets of Europe. This is the first part of the exhibition. The second tells the story of the largest Polish river from the partitions to the present.


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    30 Stycznia 4 Tczew , Poland