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"Dar Pomorza" sailing ship

Local name: Statek "Dar Pomorza"

“Dar Pomorza” ("Gift of Pomerania"), 20th century ship, functions as a floating museum of National Maritime Museum in Gdansk. Initially built to meet the needs of the german commercial navy, today serves as an example of a historic three-masted sailling ship.

Before Pomeranian Comitee of the National Fleet bought a frigate and called her “Dar Pomorza”, it belonged to Germans, and later to French. After purchasing, White Frigate was used by Polish Commercial Navy until 1982, when it was passed on to the board of National Maritime Museum in Gdansk.

While visiting “Dar Pomorza” one can see individual parts of sailing ship. A tour runs through the tweendecker, i.e. place where sailors in training where staying, engine room, where one can see its equipment (including the engine), storage of sails, officer rooms, deck with control stations, kitchen and forecastle. Some of the rooms were adapted as the museum chambers, where exhibitions about the history of the ship were installed.


Attractions inside

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