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Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street

Local name: Ulica Bohaterów Monte Cassino (Monciak)

Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street is one of the most visited streets in the Tri-City area. Along the boardwalk you will find good restaurants, clubs, shops and other service establishments. At Monciak - because it is so called pedestrian area of ​​Sopot - there are also many tourist attractions and monuments.

Most of the buildings located on Monte Cassino Street were built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. A small part of them is residential in nature, while the rest are service centers. Bars, restaurants, cinemas or theaters. The most interesting objects located near Monciak include the famous Krzywy Domek and the SPATiF, the former meeting place of the Sopot bohemians. The extension of the spa promenade is the Sopot pier.

The name of the 635 m long street commemorates the battle of Monte Cassino. In its place in the 17th century there was once a road connecting Sopot village with a fishing village located on the seafront.


Attractions inside

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    Bohaterów Monte Cassino Sopot , Poland