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Pier in Sopot

Local name: Molo w Sopocie

The Sopot Pier is the longest pier by the Baltic Sea. Its length amounts to 500 m of which 458 m is on the land. Because of that, it is not only one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sopot but also in Poland.

The first pier in the place of current construction was built in 1827. It wasn't similar to the modern pier at all - it had merely 31,5m. The pier has been expanded and made more durable throughout the years.

Places which can be viewed from afar while walking the pier are Grand Hotel, Kępa Redłowska Nature Reserve and the seaport in Gdańsk. In 2011 the marina for yachts located at the end of the bridge were constructed. Apart from that, the side deck where passenger ships put in can be found near the pier.


Attractions inside

    Pier in Sopot map
    Plac Zdrojowy 281-723 Sopot , Poland