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Reda Aquapark

Local name: Aquapark Reda

Aquapark Reda is the only aquapark in Poland which has its own oceanarium. It's equipped with 60-meter water tunnel passing through the aquarium with real sharks, the 300-meter river reaching every corner of the aquapark and the swimming pool with a 1,5-meter wave. Aquapark Reda can have 1000 visitors at the same time.

The main pool resembles a castle sunken by the Kraken. The bucket installed there pours 400 liters of water at a time. The special attraction for the youngest is Pirate's Bay - the 30cm in depth safe basin where the pirate's ship is anchored. It was equipped with several slides and water cannons. The aquapark also offers water massage and different types of saunas (dry, forest and Kashubian).

Sharks in Aquapark Reda are blacktip sharks from Sri Lanka. Adult sharks can reach the length of over 2m and weight of much more than 100kg. Apart from them, 800 other coral reef fish species with various shapes and colors live there. The tall palm trees by the pools are natural.


Attractions inside

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    Morska 584 Reda , Poland