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Rewa Sandbar

Local name: Cypel Rewski

Sand embankment leading deep into the Bay of Puck. The part visible on the surface is about 1 km long. The underwater part extends all the way to the Hel Peninsula. This section is called Rybitwa Shoal. The average depth is about 1 m. An interesting fact is that wild boars use this waterway to get to the Hel Peninsula. This is where the famous Herring March takes place.

Going to the end of the Cypl Rewski, and then - in the shoal, immersed in water to the neck - we can get from Rewa to Kuźnica on Hel. This, however, is a purely theoretical possibility due to the existence of Depki (Dypki, or the depths). It is a ditch with a width of about 700 m and a depth of up to 5 m, which allows small vessels to be navigated, including especially fishing boats to the port of Puck. Deepening was made at the beginning of the 20th century and has been maintained since then.

However, not everyone is deterred by the existence of Depki. Every year, Herring Marche takes place, that is, crossing the shoal from Hel Peninsula to Rewa. The participants of the event are escorted by boats with lifeguards. They cover a distance of about 12 kilometers, of which about a kilometer they must swim. They set out from Kuźnica to reach Rewa after 5-7 hours. On the way, the Herring-Dubbing Ceremony takes place.


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