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Mechelinki Pier

Local name: Molo w Mechelinkach

The beach in Mechelinki has long attracted summer holidaymakers, but it was not until 2014 that a magnificent pier was built here. The walking platform is 180 meters long. We can see the nearby Mechelinki cliff rising from the water, post-German torpedoes warehouse and numerous windsurfing amateurs here. Going down from the pier you can go for a further walk along the promenade. The Mechelinki Molo was built together with a new fishing port.

In 2015 the Aleja Nadmorska (Seaside Avenue) and an outdoor stage with an audience for 120 seats were put into operation. On the promenade, in the vicinity of the old fishing port grow two impressive ash trees (the circumference of the larger one exceeds 5 meters). In 2006, ash trees were given the names of Pomeranian dukes - Mściwoj and Świętopełk. During the reign of duke Świętopełk Gdańsk was granted city rights, many monasteries were built, and the battles he fought with the Teutonic Order allowed to preserve the sovereignty of Pomerania.


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