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Seal Sanctuary

Local name: Fokarium

The Seal Sanctuary in Hel is located near Boulevard Nadmorski. The aim of the institute is the recreation and protection of colonies of grey seals inhabiting the south Baltic Sea. Apart from admiring seals, tourists can visit the cinema and watch the movie about mammals living in the Baltic Sea or the underground hall where seals can be seen swimming behind huge glasses.

The Seal Sanctuary also displays the exhibition "Mammals of our sea". It presents the history of seal and porpoise fishing, tools used for that purpose and also the parts of skeletons such as a skull or teeth of porpoise. It also exhibits the items which are fished out by sanctuary's workers during pool cleanings (cell phones, children shoes, toys, teats, and coins, among others).

The best time for a visit is outside the holiday period because of crowds of guests. It's worth to come between 11 am and 2 pm when seals are fed - seals come on the shore then show off with their skills.


Attractions inside

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