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Sweden is a country that may interest both people looking for interesting monuments as well as picturesque landscapes and opportunities for active tourism. Cities such as Stockholm, Goteborg or Uppsala offer interesting museums and old buildings, and Swedish forests and mountains provide opportunities to spend time outdoors.

The capital, Stockholm, is located on the Baltic Sea, on the mainland and numerous coastal islands. The charming Old Town has been preserved here, but the biggest attractions are the local museums. Among them, the most famous is the Vasa Museum, where you can admire the original, seventeenth-century Swedish warship.

Near Stockholm lies Uppsala, which is often called the city of young people. There is the largest and oldest Swedish university and headquarters of the Protestant church of Sweden. The towers of the Gothic cathedral, which is the national shrine of the Kingdom of Sweden, tower above the buildings of the old town. In turn, the magnificent Romanesque cathedral can be seen in Lund.

Another interesting Swedish city is the Kattegat Goteborg lying above the Strait. A lot of monumental urban buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries have been preserved here, and the rich nightlife here attracts tourists. The opposite of Goteborg is the small, atmospheric Ystad with low wooden and brick buildings.

In addition to larger urban centers, Sweden is very sparsely populated. The vast expanses of the country are overgrown with forests, among which there are dozens of larger and smaller lakes. In summer, it is a great place for hiking, and in winter, for cross-country skiing.

Lapland in the north is also a fascinating land. Its harsh beauty can be admired during hiking trips, and in winter in ski resorts or on snowmobiles. It is also a good place to observe the northern lights, and the city of Abisko is considered one of the best such points in the world.

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