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Vasa Museum

Local name: Vasamuseet

The Vasa State Museum in Stockholm presents a well-preserved and restored battleship "Vasa" from the 17th century.

The museum was established in 1990 for the exhibition of the ship "Vasa", which was excavated from the seabed in 1961. The 69-meter-long ornate vessel was 95% reconstructed. "Vasa" is the only 17th-century specimen that we can admire today in this form. Built on the order of King Gustav II Adolf, it was to be an asset of the Swedish navy and serve the attack on Poland. It sank on its maiden voyage due to the installation of too many heavy guns on the upper decks.

In addition to the ship, in the museum we can see multimedia exhibitions located on three levels, each of which is also a viewing gallery for the imposing ship.


Attractions inside

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    Galärvarvsvägen 14115 21 Stockholm , Sweden