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Stockholm County includes the capital of Sweden and areas north of it that are popular destinations for active tourism. The region also includes the Stockholm Archipelago with numerous islands, some of which are uninhabited.

Located on the islands and on the mainland, Stockholm is one of the most beautiful European capitals. Water trams run between its parts, from which you can admire the panorama of the islands and the coast.

The city combines history and modernity, nature and developed industry. Its center is the Old Town or Gamla Stan, where there is a cathedral where royal weddings take place, the oldest square or Stortorget and a lot of historic houses. The largest building in the Old Town is the impressive Royal Palace, whose representative parts are open to the public.

On other islands there are numerous historic buildings, including the parliament building and the modernist town hall. In turn, museums focus on the island of Djurgården. Among the local facilities, the most important are the Vasa Museum with an original warship from the 17th century and the Open-air Museum, which gathered over 150 buildings from all over the country.

To the north of Stockholm there are small towns and forests, among which kilometers of walking and cycling routes have been marked out. In the winter, the capital's residents come here to go skiing.

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