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St. Clara Church

Local name: S:ta Klara Kyrka

The church Klara in Stockholm, in the Norrmalm district. The temple belongs to the Church of Sweden, the largest Evangelical Lutheran church in this country. Established after 1527 on the initiative of Jan III Vasa. It is on the list of religious monuments. He has been under the Swedish Evangelization Mission since 1989.

Earlier in the thirteenth century there was a monastery and church of the Order of Poor Clares, which was destroyed for defensive reasons in 1527 on the orders of Gustav I Vasa. Only two wings of the cabinet altar were saved, which we can admire today. The son of the king, Jan III Waza, ordered the construction of the church of St. Klara, and construction lasted until 1590. The temple was damaged as a result of a fire in 1751 and since then it has undergone numerous improvements and renovations.

There is a cemetery next to the church, where well-known Swedish personalities such as the poet and composer Carl Michael Bellman and the writer and poet Carl Gustaf af Leopold are buried.


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